Sea Ray 280 Sr

Launching and testing my SeaRay 280sr modify.
Removal of inboard engines and addition of a home-made chair and re-engine with two Evinrude 250 E Etec
C'est parti pour des week-ends de folie.


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Je ne trouve que très peu d'information sur le 280SR
qui apparemment a été fabriquer en Irlande en petite quantité.
Si un membre du forum a quelques infos, plan, pub, manuel de bord,
je lui en serai très reconnaissant.

Hi There! Greetings from Ireland. You are correct, this boat was built by Sea Ray Cork in 1993. My father was the production manager there and that connection started me on my life long boating path. The 280SR is the same boat as the 260 OV - Sea Ray went through a model renaming program to reflect overall length rather than hull length around that time.

The other interesting fact about that boat and the 260 CC is that they all share the Pachanga 27 hull, just a different deck and layout. You'll see that they are a much deeper vee than other models of the time. Sea Ray did something similar with the 220 DA, 220 OV and 220 CC around that time too - same hull, different decks and layout.

In 1993 & 1994 we had access to a managers boat for the boating season here in Ireland and the managers chose to build a 280SR with twin 5.7s one year and twin 7.4s the next with straight through exhausts. Good times!
Hi EoinL
Great thanks for the info,
I didn't manage to re-engine originally, so I made a small transformation with Evinrude into an outboard, and I'm not disappointed with the whole thing, see the videos.
If you with period photos?

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