Where to source new trailer bunks?

I was thinking if I have to rewrap my bunks or replace anything I'm definitely putting the plastic strips on for sure. Wood bunks with carpet and then plastic sliders to get it in and out easier
If you do be very careful when you launch. I have seen three boats on the ramp with slick bunk trailers.
No shit ,are you serious. They slide off dry ,that sucks
Not "quite" as easy as rollers, but yes, they are slick! One of the greatest inventions, for sure!

The only way the boat slides off, though, is if people take the bow strap and safety chain off BEFORE getting at least part way into the water. Why someone would do that, I don't know. That's kind of a "Boating 101" thing, you know?
When I launch I unclip the winch strap and 2 chains give the bow and stern lines to wife and back in slowly. The ramp is not that steep,boat has to float off
As @Lazy Daze said, you should never un-clip/un-chain until the trailer is in the water. Have seen way too many accidents that way.

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