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    310DA Cabin door.

    My cabin door is gradually getting harder to slide to the point I would like to do something about it. Tracks are clean and silicon spray helps a little. Looked it over a few times and can't tell if its rollers or glides. With out dismantiling a lot I cant see how to fix my problem. Any advice.
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    Fast food rant

    At any fast food places I don't expect much quality. As far as for the help, they sure can do better at training them for what they expect to get paid. I think we should support our local deli's and eateries as an alternative. I find great food at pennies more. Even at dollars more its the thing...
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    TV antenna

    On my 310 DA I have a Glomex TV antenna that needs replacing, cracking around the base and locking device. The boat has two TV's. Any advice on what I should use to replace it with?
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    Cruisers 50GLS at Skipper Buds

    Your right "blaster", Looks like that boat is dragging something that don"t belong on it. Look at the profile of "Jus Crisin" now that"s the way a boat should sit in the water.
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    Cockpit flooring

    Thank you both for the feed back. I will do as recommended and supply my own template of my existing flooring. At least if any errors are made they will be my own.
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    Cockpit flooring

    I am in the process of ordering new snap in cockpit flooring thru our CSR vendor. The problem is that they do not have a template for my 2009 DA. They have a template for a 2007 DA. They will go with that template if I agree to the responsibility of it not being the same. Does any one know for...
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    Factory full of Sea Ray Parts

    Paul, would you have a wiper arms for a 2009 310 DA. What I really need is the small piece of metal that goes between the arm and the blade which makes the angle of the blade adjustable. If its part of the arm I am willing to purchase the whole unit. thanks in advance.
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    New to Club Sea Ray - 86 Sea Ray 270

    Welcome. That 270 is a beautiful come back to the boating world. Best of luck with it.
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    Sold my last boat thru "Knot 10" brokerage. Quick sale and the fee was 7%. My experience with them was "A ".
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    Joining the two or more boat club

    I think pirate lady has it covered. I don't see life jacket storage, as in such a craft it is mandentory.
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    Hatch Lifts

    Thanks for the info KevinC. I went on Taylor website and looked up Ultra III. The one in the picture of a hatch looks like what I'm looking for. The web site says that West Marine is a retailer for there products. The next time I go to the boat I will remove one, measure the hatch, and take it...
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    Hatch Lifts

    My 2009 310DA has a Trapezoid forward deck hatch. Tried to open it last season and found the lifts all messed up. got it closed and secured. Another PO issue. I tried looking up the Part# listed in the Sea Ray parts manual to no avail. Can someone get me in the right direction as I would like to...
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    Help with battery switch

    Look into a voltage sensitive relay by BEP
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    Documented 2004 up 340 DA's what's your Gross Tonnage?

    Thanks mnm99. I googled it and went into the USCG - tonnage guide. Using there formulas I came up really close to my GT on my documentation. Interesting stuff.
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    Documented 2004 up 340 DA's what's your Gross Tonnage?

    This is my first documented boat. Can someone explain to me what Gross Tonnage and Net Tonnage means. According to Sea Ray my boat weights 14,000 lbs. Does this mean anything as far as tonnage goes?