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Does anyone know where you plug in

Mercury VesselView Link System for Simrad NSS, NSO and GO Displays to a Mercury 250hp pro verado outboard?​

Hi, I'm looking for some help if anyone can? I have just purchased a Sea Ray 182 and one of the catches on my middle part of the windscreen that folds into the middle section has broken. I have added photos of the ones they are including the a pic of the broken one which is circled. Can you please let me know what the correct name is for it and where I can buy a replacement or a replacement pair?


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I responded to your post in Egor's Ordering Parts by Parts Number thread.
Looking to get some replacement snap in lux vinyl and heard you are the man. I have a 220 SD, 2003 and I would like to create templates and send them to you. What's the best way to get started and what options do i need to consider for materials and backing ?