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Good afternoon.
Following up on my message yesterday. Not sure that it went thru.
I saw your post for on water training. DM me, and we can discuss what you are looking for (if you haven't found a captain yet). I do training and yacht delivery, and am located in the Grand Haven, MI area. I do travel state-wide, so that is not an issue.
Send me a message and we can discuss further.
Please message me a price for the carpets. Going to be selling our boat soon, so looking for a reasonable cockpit floor refresh. Thanks, Martin
Sounds good, I am heading to the boat today because I finally got a launch date of April 25th. I'll have those photos for you later. A 512 area code sound like The Great State of Texas for shipping purposes. I'll try to estimate the most economical shipping to your location unless you need them sooner.

John Penkitis
No hurry at all. Sounds good, thanks. We’re in Austin. Did you live in Texas at some point?
No, I just can't wait to retire so I can get out of New York State and Texas would be on my top 3 place to move to. How do you enjoy the boating there? Our season is at best 6 months. I need a boating friendly place to go to.

I have the carpets in the back of my car rolled up. I'll get home to dust them off and take some photos.
Re; parting out
I would be interested in seeing if your swim platform has a door covering the ladder, if so what size is it.
in addition more details on auto pilot , radios gauges with pics