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    2023 College football thread.....

    Struggling at 2-2. Basketball starts in 45 days. :)
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    TRUMP 2024

    Do your research moron.
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    TRUMP 2024

    It's interesting though. You don't tell all the facts, do you? Sure CD/Savings rates are up. But so are mortgage costs, T-bill rates (and thus interest costs on the debt), a few banks have "failed" due to the rapid rise, and energy (and gas costs) costs still high. Oh and that conversion to...
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    TRUMP 2024

    No, he's pissing down your leg and telling you it's raining. :)
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    Car scratch touch up

    They have to paint the whole door because it is difficult to blend old and new white. I'd probably leave it. Or try buffing it yourself knowing you'll have the whole door done if you screw it up.
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    2023 it’s time

    Never quit. Especially if she’s paid for. Even one day out on the water is worth it.
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    TRUMP 2024

    Yay, we're the tallest midget.
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    Acme 3 blade laser props

    I had a set of 4 blades put on this spring. So far so good. The prop shop recommended them as they have more blade area than others. They pop the boat up on plane quick and hold it there under 3000 rpms.
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    Engine, drive oil question

    You’re probably fine. Only issue I see is a determination whether you have a leak in the outdrive and water in the fluid. But probably fine.
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    Having trouble understanding current events

    no problem. Let’s get him in a deposition and cross examine him. Find out his connection to the feds.
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    Boat is taking on water somewhere slowly..

    Really the only thing you can do is go down in the engine room while running and look for leaks. I'd start with anything going thru the transom. Then maybe a hose or fitting on the engine.
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    489 Stroker in a 400EC

    yes changing out motors at 350 hours is not normal. The 489 is a stroked version of the big block 454. So has more Torque and HP. Should do fine if they are taken care of.
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    460DA Shaft Seal

    If you have a spare seal in the carrier, you can change out the seals without disconnecting anything.
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    Power shore power

    Something is wrong there. The AC converter switch, bottom black one, should be for a battery charger. Need to find if they took that out.
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    You‘re hearing things because you think you screwed up. It’s probably nothing. Proceed as normal and see what happens.