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UPHOSTERY!! I just removed all upholstered panels, cushions, and backrests from my 2005 390. Looking for color and design ideas from any of you who've upgraded! Thanks in advance for your pics!
Hi Joe....we're starting to look at Lakewood Ranch to relocate. Waterside has new construction and is peaking our interest. Where do you live? What is your current status with your boat? Dry stack? Any help is welcome....
Hi Everyone!
Just joined to see if we can help answer questions on gauges, Smartcraft products, Mercruiser parts, etc. Have a great day. :)
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Hi Boatless! Any gauges or add-ons that can get digital output from 1996 Mercruiser 7.4L engines to Garmin units? Thanks.
Where is the vacuum bag exactly located on a 420 dancer... ??????????????
Todd Sevier
Todd Sevier
Not sure if the same on a 340sd , but mine is right in the bottom of the vacuum. There's a flap you pull off and the bag is behind it, hope this is any help