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    460 DA Owners Thread

    Thank you very much
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    460 DA Owners Thread

    Hi ttmott, what do you call that part that is attached to the shackle? And where did you get it? Thank you.
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    didn't prime changed fuel filters

    I had the same thing happen to me last fall when I replaced my fuel filters (which I had not pre-filled). Twin 454 Horizons. Quite frustrating to say the least. I just kept trying to start the engines every couple of minutes so as to not fry the starters. Eventually, they fired. Next time...
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    Where's the GFCI for the outlet in my cockpit locker?

    If I recall, that outlet is controlled by EITHER the GFCI outlet in the bathroom OR the one under the microwave/behind the sliding door. I'd try the bathroom one first. When my cockpit icemaker seized and blew the outlet it was plugged in to, it also took out the plug to which you are referring.
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    Replacing old stereo with a modern Bluetooth stereo. Need recommendations

    A qualified yes...I had to enlist the help of a "techy guy" on my dock. I know we did not touch/change any of the cabling on the amp end. That being said, the wiring that came with the MS-BB100 was very well labeled, but I did not watch the final connections that were made.
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    Replacing old stereo with a modern Bluetooth stereo. Need recommendations

    I installed a Fusion MS-BB100 and was able to keep my factory original amp. I also replaced all my cockpit speakers with Clarion 6.5" CMSP-651-SWG and sub with Clarion CMSP-101RGB (comes in 2ohm or 4ohm, so you'll have to determine which one you need). I've been quite happy.
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    Windshield screw cover

    If I recall, when I replaced mine last year with this exact part from FP, I installed with the flat side down, and then pushed the curved side up into the track. I ultimately had to push/pull it around until it sat in the track how I wanted. NOTE: Be sure to cut it long as it will shrink...
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    Official 380 Thread

    I recently installed these blue bulbs from We really like them. 10pcs LED Festoon Dome 31mm 36mm 39mm 41mm c5w 212-2 6418 White Warm White Blue Reading License Plate Lamp led Light Bulb 12V Light Source Color:Blue 3C_Connection:41mm USD $4.99 1
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    Audio Bass feels directional - add a 2nd sub woofer?

    Jeez, Chris, you must want to hear your music throughout the entire marina! :)
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    Official 380 Thread

    Here's a question for the CSR group...I have a Norcold DE0061 and need to replace the front panel inserts. 2 emails and a voicemail to Norcold over the past week to check availability and no reply. Anyone know a good source? Ideally, I'd like to get Cherry panels. TIA
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    Draft question

    Stee, my transducer is mounted in the bottom of the hull (like yours probably), so my comments are based on depth from bottom - thus my "pucker" comment :)
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    Draft question

    Steve, our 2000 380 Owner's Manual shows 44", but I would agree with Stee6043 above that the 380 is likely less than his 40" (interestingly, if you look at ads on BoatTrader, draft ranges from 3.33ft to 3.67 ft). Regardless, my personal "pucker" depth is around 5-6ft of water, allowing for...
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    How do I remove the coffee maker?

    In addition to removing the screws from below mentioned above (I think there are 3 or 4), you will also have to remove the microwave (also screwed in from below with 3 or 4 more screws) so you can then unplug the coffee maker from the outlet that is behind the microwave. Then just fish the...
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    Yeah another radio thread -- Stereo Upgrade

    I yanked all the old Clarion stuff - head unit, CD changer, speakers & sub in the cockpit (kept all speakers in the salon/vberth). Replaced with a Fusion MS-BB100, 4 Clarion CMSP-651-SWG, and 1 Clarion CMSP-101RGB sub (these are Clarion's Premium line speakers/sub and provide great bang for the...
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    Smoke on the Water?

    Hello BillinPA, I experienced a very similar scenario last summer - port side steam way more than starboard. Temp gauges were both normal. Ended up replacing the heat exchanger gaskets (I have a closed cooling system). Part number: 8M0036987 Heat Exchanger End Cover Gasket. When I took the...