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    Generating trouble with Stray Current

    They claim it worked using Jet A, but EPA might frown on its use these days.
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    Generating trouble with Stray Current

    Fascinating conversation, you folks are far above my pay grade. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on topics that I think about. TTMOTT, you mentioned your residential diesel genset. How do you keep the fuel from getting stale? I have a TV helicopter pilot friend that talked the chief engineer...
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    Helm chairs

    Just curious. What did you replace with? Pictures?
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    2007 44DB microwave

    On ours, the fridge must be removed
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    Official 390DA Thread

    We outgrew a 21' FourWinns after 13 years. Owned a 390 Sundancer for 6 years and loved it, but wanted to travel more with greater range and a bit more rainy day space. Have had a 44DB for 8 years. Love the interior space and Cummins power. You might consider a 44 or 48 Dancer. The Dancer aft...
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    PIB - Lake Erie

    Everyone was lucky that night. Light south wind, so you may have been just far enough away. Several years ago a couple died on our pier during the day. Had worked on the genset and ran it all afternoon at the dock. Exhaust leaked into the cabin. CO is a nasty gas. Wonderful to meet you as well...
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    4th July trip

    How is Scudder's these days? Last time we were up there the lake grass was pretty bad. But not as bad as Lexington,MI last week. Great marina and town but wow, felt like we were in an expensive lawn mower.
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    Clevelanders remember any this!

    Hey, cool it with the boom booms!
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    PIB - Lake Erie

    Those 600's are pretty nice out on the water, but not so much when battery charge issues lead to running those big engines at the dock overnight. How many nearby CO detectors sounded?
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    420/44 DB Owners Club

    Imtra/Vimar make small step lights that shoot down but they are $$$. The existing covers slide off, I think by pushing left. Wonder if a cut piece of red photographic gel, thin acetate, would tone the light down. Those lights are LED so not much heat and the gels are the same that Hollywood uses...
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    Stopping by Leland on a foggy day

    Correct. Radar is a big deal with commercial shipping, for us it still a very useful tool in the toolbox at the helm. It still come down to the operator. Even the Navy with more sensors than we can imagine still has collisions.
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    Stopping by Leland on a foggy day

    For some "light" reading a copy of the COLREGS can be be downloaded. The book needs to be on the boat. § 83.07 —INLAND— Steering and Sailing Rules Rule 7 Risk of collision (a) Every vessel shall use all available means appropriate to...
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    Oh F*&@!!! Dropped my Fuel fill Cap!!!

    Happened to us once, in our case, the water cap was the same size. Used that until I could order a replacement, heavy tape over the water fill. We have a spare on board now.
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    Anyone interested in Lake Erie Sea Ray Rendezvous?

    Grandkids didn't get the memo about no summer birthdays, we'll be away that week.
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    420/44 DB Owners Club

    I had to use the oil filter strap wrench to get one ring off. Turning left to loosen.