370 da

  1. 3

    Possibly blew an engine - 98 454 Gen6 Horizon

    So it looks like I possibly blew my Port engine as I was cruising along at approx 3400 revs the oil pressure dropped to 10 PSI. I grabbed the throttle and pulled it back in and shutdown in a hurry. I bumped the hatch up a bit while I was still moving and had wifey take a look and when I asked...
  2. T

    Identification of fuse box at the helm

    1998 370DA has a fuse box at the helm (not breakers but fuses). The lettering as to which fuse/connection is on the box has faded and can't be read anymore and I'd like to know what each fuse is powering. Specifically the most forward row of connections has 4 red wires and the wire on the far...
  3. Steve Leach

    93 370 sundancer with high hours

    Hey everyone. I am still looking and it’s getting old lol. I am looking at a 93 370 DA with 454 s. This boat is in beautiful shape compared to a lot I looked at and has a survey to prove it. The issue with the boat as there seems to be a issue with everyone I look at is the high engine hours and...
  4. Ramblin' Guy

    Sturdy Engine Synchronizer Not Synchronizing

    I just bought a 1997 370 Sundancer with 7.4 MPI Horizons. I'm hoping someone with boats in that vintage can help me out. I have the Sturdy Engine Synchronizer (I think it's the first generation, because the manual posted on these forums is for a later version). When I try to engage the synch...
  5. 3

    454 Horizon rpm jumping

    Hi All, Twin ‘98 7.4 454 Horizon Engines looking for some general suggestions on what to check as my port rpms are jumping around a good bit. Not at idle but at running speed up to 400 rpms up and down. Starboard maybe 100 rpm fluctuations. Not sure if injectors are all original or not but...
  6. 370Dancer

    Stock Gas prop = 18" Stock Diesel prop = 20" - How big did you go?

    I'm sure this will stir up some controversy........ Have you increased your diameter over the stock props, and if so, how big did you go? anyone have any science on the minimum clearance in the tunnel before xxx starts happening (besides hitting the hull, guys..) I will be researching the great...
  7. T

    Adhesive to re-glue the rubber gaskets under the floor

    As I pull up the floor to go down to the bilge area the rubber gaskets are just pealing away. They are in excellent condition and a little goo-gone takes the now slime adhesive right off. What can I use to re-glue them back on and not fall off because of the heat. This is rubber to fiberglass.
  8. T

    Suggestions for replacing the raymarine radar on a 1998 370DA

    Well I upgraded to a Garmon 741XS chartplotter however i'm not a fan of running the Garmon radar though the 741. I just like a bigger display for radar like the old Raymarine that came with the boat. I don't see a Garmon radar only option? Does anyone know if there is an option since I...
  9. FourthSeaRay

    18x21 3 Blade Bronze 1.25 Bore LH/RH

    I took this set off of Sue Sea Q & E II in the fall. They're in okay shape and will make a good spare pair of wheels. I had them on for past two seasons. In the photos I included the Prop Scan (2/29/16) for you to see as well. The LH back side is in interesting shape. I guess an air...
  10. Sea Ray Mark

    Official 370 Sundancer thread

    It seems like every model has an "official thread" except for the 370 DA. What an awesome boat! Not to big, not to small, moves okay with gas motors. What's not to like? Any 370 owners with me on this? I'd like to hear from you guys. With a few changes I made to my boat (camper canvas, flat...