370 sundancer

  1. R

    370 Sundancer Forward Sun Pads

    I have 2 brand new Forward Sun Pads, both port and starboard for sale. They are still wrapped. I paid $2500 each when purchased. I am selling both for $2500 total. Half Price.
  2. M

    1995 sundancer 370 ground/bonding wire?

    Purchasing boat and found loose wire under both engines. Looks like bonding or ground wire hanging near prop shafts. Please help me identify what this is for.
  3. N

    First time SR owner here

    Hello, I will hopefully be closing the sale on a 2010 370 Sundancer in the next few weeks once Survey and Sea Trial are successful... I'm looking forward to contributing and learning alot from this forum. I hope to meet some other 370 owners! I've been away from boat ownership for about 20...
  4. Steve Leach

    1990 Searay 350 sundancer with 350’s is 350’s OK?

    Hello everyone. New to the forum. I am looking at a 1990 350 aka 37 dancer with 350’s instead of 454’s. I didn’t realize sea ray put the 350 in a boat this size. It also has 1800 hrs. I found this gem up north older couple in there 70’s owned it. Boat is amazing condition every square inch...
  5. Nauti-Kal

    Cockpit Carpet 1996 370 Sundancer FREE

    Cockpit carpet in good shape. Currently there are no snaps on the carpet. Black sponge bottom! Free just pay shipping! Berber I’ll try to find a photo
  6. M

    BW Velvet 5000 Drive Stuck

    I have a 1998 370 Sundancer. Last season, my starboard shifter was a little tough to move on startup, but seemed to shift more freely as the transmission warmed up. This year on my first trip of the year, it required significant force to get into gear. After a few difficult moves from forward to...
  7. J

    Please let me know if have insight. 370 sundancer cabin upgrade

    Hi thanks in advance for giving me any advice. I love this boat and I want to try tro give a face lift were I can. Couple questions. The gold 1/4 inch trim molding on kitchen counter edge as well as the cabinet really dates the boat. I want to replace it with brushed nickel color but the area...
  8. Daniel Perez

    Re power 92/92 370 Sundancer

    I just purchased a Sea Ray, looking to bring it back to life and re power my 92/93 Sundancer. It currently has twin 7.4 mercruisers. Option 1 replace exactly what's there. Anything additional I should do? Option 2 replace the motors and go throttle body Option 3 convert to diesel Option 4...
  9. Nauti-Kal

    1996 370 Sundancer

    Hi everyone, Just bought a 370 Sundancer, i'm looking for an owners and parts manual for this vessel, I checked on Sea Ray web site but all they have is a photo copied version of the old book and some of the pages are not clear! Does anyone out there have an electronic version or a PDF I can...
  10. H

    Owners Manual for a 1998 370 Sundancer Needed

    Does anyone have an electronic copy of the owners manual for a 1998 370 sundancer. I am currently shopping and would like to develop an inspection checklist. Forgot to mention they are not available on Sea Rays website.
  11. B

    370 Sundancer 1995-1999

    Hi- I am considering looking for a 370 Sundancer, mid to late 90's. I have not been on one yet, but have been on 1999-2001 340's, which I am also considering. We spend a lot of time on our boats, so the extra room and shower on the 370 interests us. We have had 25, 26, 28, 30, and 39 Sea...