1. suss1173

    Looking for surveyor and a place to short haul in Charleston, SC.

    I am looking to have a S.R. surveyed. I would also like a Cummins tech do a mechanical survey too. Any recommendations are appreciated. I don't know the area, so if anyone has a recommendation for a yard that will be reasonably priced for the short haul, that would be a big help. Anything...
  2. S

    Marine Mechanic the Charleston, SC area

    I am looking for a good mechanic in the Charleston, SC area that can pull my 350 MPI motor out of my Amberjack and replace the engine coupler. It looks like a very easy job but I am not physically able to get the job done myself. Can anybody recommend someone
  3. C

    Where to hang out ion Charleston, SC

    Just got my new boat set and ready, now I need to know where to go. I have been cruising around the harbor. Been to Red's and California Dreaming (if you can get a spot to park). Where else is there to go? Someone told me about the mud flat out by Sumter being a good time on the weekends??? Any...