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  1. Angle390
    Angle390 Josh28161
    Delivered to FedEx this afternoon. Ships out on Monday. You should see it next week. Tracking # 770165766774
    1. Josh28161
      Thanks! Hope you have a great weekend
      Apr 4, 2020 at 9:03 AM
  2. Angle390
    Angle390 Josh28161
    I estimate shipping via FedEx ground at $11. Total Price = $136

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    2. Angle390
      I need your full address...
      Apr 2, 2020 at 3:55 PM
    3. Josh28161
      Sorry, that would help...
      Josh Kaplan
      3627 woodlynne place
      Henrico va 23233
      Apr 2, 2020 at 5:52 PM
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    4. Angle390
      FedEx online is begin a bit recalcitrant. Might be tomorrow before I can complete the shipping. I will keep you updated.
      Apr 2, 2020 at 7:23 PM
  3. CaptPete
  4. Angle390
    Angle390 Josh28161

    I would like payment via paypal:

    Send me your mailing address with zip code so I can calculate the shipping. I will ship via FedEx.

    1. Josh28161
      Hello, paypal is fine. my zip is 23233. I keep the boat in Delatville, if by chance you are in that area I can just pay you and pick up at some point in the future if that works.
      Apr 1, 2020
    2. Angle390
      We live in Springfield VA and slip our boat on the Occaquan River in Prince William County. Not much chance we will be in Deltaville anytime soon. I see you live near Richmond. Do you ever come up to DC much? I live very close to IH95.

      Apr 1, 2020
    3. Josh28161
      I do on occasion but let’s just go with shipping. Let me know a total and I will send you via PayPal.
      Apr 1, 2020
  5. BubbaFrsh
    BubbaFrsh Buyajet
    thanks for the gouge on the outlets. I now have something to do during my coronapocalypse quarantine!
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  6. QT1
    Looks like we may not have a boating season this year, or it may be a late one. Keeping the shrink wrap on.
  7. myleslee
    2006 SeaRay 240 Sundeck
  8. loydt
    loydt MikeKelly
    Would love to discuss 230 W boat with you. Having same issues with Lenco surf system. Please email me at if you have time.
  9. steve covert
    steve covert
    hi my name is steve my boss is redoing his 2011 260 sun deck he is looking for the side decals can any one help me find them po#2027566 thk
  10. george Veader
  11. george Veader
    george Veader chuckc63
    Starboard gas gauge not working on my sea ray amberjack with smartcraft sc5000
  12. Jim Lang
    Jim Lang
    I'm trying to find anodes for my transom and trim tabs. The old one from my transom weighs almost 9 pounds.
  13. Trandafir Lucian
    Trandafir Lucian
    A good looking boat is a happy owner
  14. JeMarr
    For Sale: Brand New 2005 Sundancer 260 Bimini Top and Valance/ Sunshade Top and Valance. $750
    1. JeMarr
      League City, TX
      Mar 15, 2020
  15. JeMarr
    Still available
  16. Simon Charly
    Simon Charly
    Hi All, can anyone recommend a carpet supplier for a Sundancer 325 in Western Australia? Thanks
  17. Scott S.
    Scott S. Russ26
    Hi Russ, I'm interested in your props. Do you have a couple photos ? Would you take $ 1500 And do you have them in appropriate boxes for shipping ? I'll pay for shipping. Thanks ! Scott 602-431-8225
  18. joeyleggz
    joeyleggz NutzaboutBoats
    Can ya shoot me a pic of the wheel ?
  19. Tom Freeland
    Tom Freeland Lazy Daze
    I purchased an 87 Sundancer 300 that was toast. I have installed 2 new marine crate motors, but my problem is I can't find a manual any where to uncluster it. Sea Ray more or less said sorry for your bad luck. They can provide an owners manual. Is there any way I can get a manual or specs for the wiring so I can get this thing running? I would appreciate any help you can give me.
  20. DjNiki4
    DjNiki4 TRLCaptain
    hi were you able to get pics of the caper and canvas and eisen glass?
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