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  1. Gary N
    Gary N
    Stayin' clear of the big boys
  2. Lake life
    Lake life
    My wife and I just purchased our boat June 2020. Love clubsearay . Lots info like to read any post on my 1990 350/370
  3. Gordon Terpening
    Gordon Terpening Henry Boyd
    Good morning Henry. I just came across your post regarding the inline fuse going to the Lofrans Marlin windlass on your 02 280. I am hoping you may be able to provide a little insight into how you accessed/identified it. I have a 2001 280 Sundancer, and both foot controls stopped working at the same time. I looked briefly, but it is difficult to get contorted into being able to see up in the anchor locker. Thanks!
  4. MXXS
    recent purchase 2004 480 Sedan Bridge w/ Man Engines
  5. manfredr
    manfredr Irie308
    How would you like to receive the pictures?


    1. Irie308
      Via email if that works best

      Aug 3, 2020 at 11:27 PM
  6. Steve in Minneapolis
    Steve in Minneapolis
    Pending delivery - Sea Ray 290 SDX
  7. Hilary Timmis
    Hilary Timmis liv2ryde100
    Just had the same problem with my '05 340 galley sink. Ordered the part on your post. After installing the part do you have any pearls to simplify installation? Looking at the part, it looks like the insert needs to be removed and reinserted with the drain connecter inserted between the elbow and the insert. What tool did you use? Thanks
  8. Jean Andre
    Jean Andre
    Long time sailboat owner, New to Sea Ray and powerboat ownership!
  9. Brian Visse
    Brian Visse
    Are all I/o steering cables the same or specific I have a 1987 sun ray and if anyone can point me in the right direction I’d appreciate it
  11. Taboo
    560DB I am arranging anti-foul for hull. Can anybody help with the sqft of the hull on a 560DB? Really appreciate some advice. Grant TABOO
  12. Raphness
    Just bought a SRV 240 Flybridge - looking for manuals and resources to renovate
  13. paul1543
    Hello all.
  14. 27Sherwood
    ....@ the slip
  15. Haden
    New owner of 2001 Sea Ray 380 Sundancer.
  16. Keith Grayson
    Keith Grayson Shaps
    Good morning Shaps. I just posted a request for the PowerPoints on sanitation hose replacement and wasn’t sure if that was the best way to contact you. Would you please send them to me at
  17. MattGeorge
    MattGeorge JimG
    Can some one help ,e with the wiring diagram for a 95 Sundancer 370? Any links I've seen, the page is unavailable.
  18. Chadith
    Chadith lucknow
    Ahoy, hope you’re welll! can someone please email a manual for the 1990 390 express cruiser? ..just bought the vessel, and am having a beast of a time finding a manual. Many thanks!
  19. rjpdcc2
    sale re-power 150 hours
  20. HudsonCruiser
    HudsonCruiser Ethan's Tank
    I'm new to this forum & not yet sure of forum protocol. Your post about wet floor in aft cabin 350DA I have the same issue as shown in K-Nuts pictures of mid-berth/aft cabin wood floor which shows it being wet where the floor meets the carpeted couch support. I hope you were able to resolve your issue. Thanks
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