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  1. Explorer kid
    Explorer kid paultrim
    Are u selling ur boat? We are looking for a 98-99 330. Thanks.
  2. JMY
  3. Bonnie's AWOL
    Bonnie's AWOL
    Counting down to launch day :)
  4. Early Liberty
    Early Liberty
    Negotiating for a 1995 290 DA
  5. RJ Woodward
    RJ Woodward
    Dreaming of warmer days ahead...
  6. Tomboy
  7. PAPA G
    PAPA G ocgrant
    Where can I get a clear access hatch for my sump holding tank
  8. Josh Slawkin
    Josh Slawkin 20pilot
    Do you still have any parts left from your part out?
  9. HawkX66
    "Tread Knot"
  10. dvx216
    Dad was a boater where it got in my blood.
  11. patrick heatherman
    patrick heatherman
    New boat owner, 2005 390 Sundancer Rxpress
  12. notlaw
    2006 Sundancer 340, 8.1 HO
  13. BLmicro
    Hey Cage Rattler, do you still have the Amberjack? I'm making some mods to mine and I have some questions.
  14. Slapshotz
    2006 44 Sedan Bridge under contract!
  15. Oliver Brickell
    Oliver Brickell
    Always working but have time for the boat.
  16. Dorian Sowell
    Dorian Sowell KevinC
    I have a 2003 300 Sundancer. I am looking to replace the front and back zipper valances on my arch. Do you sell and can you get me a price? Also considering the front and back biminis off of that arch. Thank you!
  17. AlohaFrank
    currently jonesing for a boat
  18. Kevin Bendele
    Kevin Bendele HUMPH
    Hi Ken,
    In the process of purchasing a 2003 410DA that needs the bimini canvas and isinglass. Can I ask where you had yours done? Hoping to find a place that has the pattern and can make it quickly before bringing it home from current location.

    Thanks in advance,
    1. HUMPH
      Sorry for the late response but where I live there are a number of canvas shops and any of them can do this. I designed some of the features based on looking at a number of similar arrangements. The top dog in our area is West Coast Canvas in Stockton California
      Feb 10, 2021
  19. dvx216
    32 yr. power plant electrician retired from there. Work at Daisy.
  20. Michael La Prairie
    Michael La Prairie
    looking to add height to my pedestal on my 2003 360 sundancer, any thoughts?
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