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Middle Tennessee ; Panama City Beach, FL
mostly retired

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    1. Jon6
      Earlier in the year you talked about a stuck fuel injector being the cause of a throttles not syncing. I have a similar situation and was wonder what othe diagnostics would indicate this problem? Would it show up in the codes? I have Mercruiser MAG 350 MPI Horizon engines. The throttle levers are slightly mis-aligned when under 2000 rpm, but when accelerating to bring the boat up to plane, it becomes more exaggerated. Moving the throttle forward does little to increase rpm above 3300. Once on plane, rpm is more responsive to throttle. I've had the codes checked on that engine, but nothing comes up. Fluid levels OK, starts fine, does not misfire. I've had a new fuel pump and sensor during spring commissioning....as fuel pressure was a bit low. Compression is OK and within spec.

      Any suggestions?

    2. Dancin Dave
      Dancin Dave
      Sending a pm
    3. JC3
      Frank, What would be a fair price for a bottom job on my 450DA? Thanks as always, JC
    4. barlow
      Hi Frank, enjoy reading your posts but as a late comer who is looking to import a twin diesel say (1997/1998 450 EC) to New Zealand I would value your comments concerning the CAT/CUMMINS engine saga. I am guessing that the affected engines have been largely remedied by now or is it likely that some still lurk looking for a victim?.Are there specific engines to be avoided? Kind regards Barlow
    5. sprink56
    6. The Heysers
      The Heysers
      Hi Frank,

      We keep our boat at Pirates Cove Marina in Panama City. The mechanic we have been using is moving to Tennessee this month. Do you know a good and honest wrench that would be good with a 34 Sundancer with 454 Cummings V-drive engines?

    7. 380dancer
      Hi Frank,

      Holy Cow, judging by the PM's I am seeing you should be charging for advice! Everyone responding to my post in the sport yacht thread has told me to contact you. I am in the process of purchasing a 2001 380 from Jacksonville. 1 owner 375 hours 8.1s w/ v-drives. According to owner and broker (C&S Marine), the mercruiser updates were done last month. Boat is loaded with Radar/GPS/Gene/etc etc...If my offer is accepted, find out today, I am to fly down to meet my surveyor on 3/9 and sea trial the boat. I know NOTHING about these boats. I presently own a LUND. Any guidance you can share would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Larry
    8. magredoak
      To fwebster. I am planning to make an offer on an '08, and would like a little advice. Please contact me. magredoak
    9. sprink56

      Check your e-mail.


      John Farabee
    10. mpatton
      Hello there. I thought I would give this another shot -- I don't seem to be getting any PM's -- If you had sent info regarding stanchion access, I have not received it and was hoping for your input. I won't be a pest -- just double checking. Thanks for your time!
    11. endless seas
      endless seas
      Frank we e-mailed about fuel sensors several months ago.Any info yet on the new units? Thanks ..Endless Seas
    12. mpatton
      Good morning there Frank. I was looking at the private message area, and nothing posted. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong. If you do have info and it's too large to post would it be O.K. to e-mail me at mike@i2igraphics.com -- I hope I'm not being a nusiance. I appreciate your time and knowledge!
    13. mpatton
      Hello Frank. I am new to this forum thing and hope this is the right protocol. You seem to be the answer man on 450 DA's and I hope you might guide me. I have leak on the interior, starboard side master stateroom, forward of the windows. It is a small leak that is coming out between the vinyl panels. Have you ever removed the vinyl covered panels? I would like to inspect and rebed as many rails as possible, but can't imagine how to get to them without ripping the interior apart. Thanks for your time.

      1997 450 DA
      3126 Cats
    14. HIFI
      I think you have owned a 400EC. Do you know where I can track down in my boat a possible fuse for one of my blower fans. I had one burn out over night and went to replace but no power at lead. Other blower fan turns on with switch on dash. I think the blower fans are somehow tied into the Halon system
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    Middle Tennessee ; Panama City Beach, FL
    mostly retired
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    1996 450DA
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    Sea Ray
    3116 Caterpillars
    boats, running boats, fixing boats, buying boats, selling boats, and a little woodworking


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