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May 18, 1960 (Age: 60)
Live in Ellettsville, IN - close to Bloomington
Optometrist - private practice

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Member, 60, from Live in Ellettsville, IN - close to Bloomington

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Sep 11, 2017
    1. NoThanksDad
      Hey Kurt/Beth,
      Just wanted to say hello again. We were the 330 rafted up next to you all at still pond last July (3 crazy kids and the hound). Hope your enjoying your new boat. Jenn and I have started to remodel our cabin - Hardwood floors, new carpet, new cushions... I'll start a thread once I get 5 minutes. Hope to see you down in the Chesapeake again soon.
    2. SeaHarley
      Yep, ready on time!
      Last Sunday, 4-5-09 at 9 AM
      First test run, everythings fine and running great.

      ps. it is better to send PM's, they are more private.

      Are you anxious?
    3. kpetry
      Thanks for looking! I got the info I needed today. KP
    4. SeaHarley
      Kurt, I was looking for your boat last Sat. 1-24-09 and didn't see it. I was checking on Mitch's boat and looked for your's. Mitch said he last saw it by the entrance gate, but I looked briefly to no avail.
      Find out where it is and if the shrink wrap is white or blue?
      Then, is there an access door? Otherwise, it'll be under the wrap!!
      Call Sea Ray??

      Eye, eye....... Sir!
    5. SeaHarley
      Yeah...... everything is OK.
      Just been very busy.

      You sure have caught on the this posting and forum stuff quickly....
      he, he, he.......

    6. kpetry
      Hey Lee - Just got your 9:15 am note. The river trip we have planned would start at Pittsburgh, mile 0 on the Ohio, and go to Louisville, which is like 596 or something. There's about 15 or so locks to go through.
      Some friends of ours did it with 2 other boats (all 17 - 18 footers) in 1976! They went from Louisville UP to Pittsburgh, got to watch the July 4 1976 Bicentennial fireworks from the water off the stadium, then back to Louisville in 10 days. They slept at hotels close to the water each night. That was 30 years ago - way before everybody did this sort of thing!
      I can recommend a couple of Ohio River cruising guides similar, although not as nice, as the Chesapeake cruising guide we are all familiar with - if you get THAT interested. KP
    7. SeaHarley
      Kurt, Whow! You're back home already?
      Yes, it was nice to meet you and Beth. I told my wife about meeting another person off of the forum.
      I think that's amazing - meeting new people that way.

      I saw the boat back up in front of Tony's shop with all the canvas up on it.
      I thought you bought it.

      I'm gonna try and check out the Ohio river trip you mentioned.
      You said you were putting in at Ohio but I don't remember where. And where were you stoping?
      How long of a trip?

      This last year, summer of 2008, we did a 600 mile trip in our 310DA around the Delmarva Loop, Chesapeake Bay, and out in the Ocean, and that took us 2 weeks.
      A great experience.

      Hey, because of anonymity, I don't wanna post the picture of you and your new boat.
      So, if you email me your email addres, I'll send it to you direct.

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    May 18, 1960 (Age: 60)
    Live in Ellettsville, IN - close to Bloomington
    Optometrist - private practice
    Boat Info:
    2002 Sea Ray 340DA
    Boat Brand:
    Sea Ray
    Twin 8.1 Horizons, inboard
    Live with my wife and 9 dogs on a 180 acre farm in Southern In.



    2002 Sea Ray 340DA
    Twin 8.1 Horizon inboards

    Washington Park Marina
    Michigan City, IN
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