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  • It's going to be pretty much a swap out, but I have some questions on re-hooking up the amps or adding a couple. Maybe you could give me some technical advice &/or stop by and see what I have?
    Hello, Jason! I think I remember talking to you at B-Dock about your stereo/sound system installation on your boat... I got some new speakers, a 10" woofer and a new head unit for Christmas.
    Hear from Gator about your upholster.Might be getting a maintenance job from your neighbors east of you
    Looks like we are heading up to the Paper District today my cell is 330-466-9389 give us a call if your not doing anything
    Jason, Hope all is well. Don't let this latest round of Wayne foolishness keep you off the site. We need the sergeant at arms to guard the gate.:thumbsup:
    Freaks me out that he sent the death think to you.

    Jason see that you are from Catawba Island as well I'm at Mid Way Marina. Heading to the Bay later today. Stop over for a Beer at Evils Ark. Cheers Michael
    Hi Jason, I am Alex , "my 48 off".. I am new to the islands , never been to MBI, I saw on a map a marina at the south east side ? Is that were I should be heading too ? Also I have to tell ya , I thought the meet was on put in bay " like I said new to the islands" so I will probably be at MBI for the day ,Then my party and I may island hop.. I have another couple coming with Dena and I. my cell is 216-408-2154 if that is easier..
    Hey Jason, I was banned off the forum. Sorry for the misrepresentation as to our business. Please let me know if you ever have any questions.
    Jason, thank you! I just got the package today. They look really good. I will use them since it solves a big problem. I still have a bunch of plugs to order for all the inside trim that I took down for the headliner. I really like those plugs!
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