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  1. swaterhouse

    swaterhouse Active Member GOLD Sponsor

    Jan 7, 2015
    Mattapoisett, MA
    2008 58 DB
    MAN CRM 900
    Does anyone on here own/have owned a 610DA or know them enough to answer some questions?

    In particular looking at a couple of the current 2013 models on the market. We have never seen one in the flesh, just looking at pictures and some videos.

    1) How is visibility out windshield, from the perspective of both a 6' tall person standing and a 5' tall admiral sitting. If I stand at helm can I see out under way standing straight up and down? What about the admiral sitting at the helm or companion seat can she see out the whole bow easily? I think the chairs are adjustable unlike on our 44DA so that may help.

    2) What is the headroom like in the Master stateroom?

    3) Is the top bunk of the third stateroom useable for anyone? We have a 7 year old would she even fit up there? It looks like its pretty tight.

    4) Does helm/"sunroom" windows have shades on the windows? I can see shades on the back sliders but cant tell if there are any on the side windows.

    5) Is storage for cleaners/buckets/fenders/lines adequate in transom lockers?

    Also looking for any feedback in general. Other boats we are considering are the 58DB and some enclosed flybridge models from other builders.
  2. Bpsticker

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    Feb 25, 2015
    Lake Lanier
    2013 610 DA
    Man 1100’s
    1. The windshield is huge so anyone 5 foot or taller would have no problems. I’m no 6’2 and I feel like I’m looking out just above half way up the windshield. the chairs are completely adjustable and foot pedals flip down that you could stand on if you were shorter. Visibility is not an issue.

    2. I stand straight up in master and have maybe 6 inches or so to spare. I can even stand straight up in master head.

    3. Top bunk is a little tight for my 16 year old daughter. It’s usable and from time to time she uses it when we have a boat full but much better suited for a young child. It works great for that.

    4. I have put sliding shades on the skylights and tinted the windows on the side. With the two ac units in that area we can keep it 67 degrees on a 95 degree day. I have not seen a shade design for the side windows.

    5. Stern locker is plenty big enough for all the lines, fenders, stern anchor, flag pole, and more.

    Hope this helps, P.S. mine is the One listed on Boat Trader in Georgia. “Sticker Shock”
  3. swaterhouse

    swaterhouse Active Member GOLD Sponsor

    Jan 7, 2015
    Mattapoisett, MA
    2008 58 DB
    MAN CRM 900
    Thanks for the responses.

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