Lewmar Wired Hand Held Chain Counter Remote

Discussion in 'Electrical Stuff' started by lawndoctor, Nov 11, 2021.

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    Does anyone have experience with one of these?


    I have a Lewmar wired hand held remote which works well and is convenient. This looks like it’s pretty much the same thing with the addition of a chain counter, which I would prefer over painting the chain or putting those colored inserts into it. Any input appreciated.
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    Sorry my reply doesn’t answer your question, but here is how I do it. This only works if your windlass pays out line in reverse, rather than free fall.

    Time how fast your windlass pays out line - Probably 1 foot per second. Then just count as you lower the anchor. No need for color code or chain counter. And this method works in the dark too.

    For example, your in 8 feet of water, plus 4 feet to your bow pulpit. Start loweing anchor and count to 60, for a 5:1 scope.
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