Low Fuel Pressure error code 559

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    Oct 4, 2019
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    Looking for suggestions/advice. I just purchased a 2007 44DA that is showing error code 559 Low Fuel Pressure on the port engine only. The previous owner had 3 injectors changed and the mechanics tested it and the code stopped. Since day 1 of my ownership (two weeks now), the code has been showing up sporadically. The engines seem to be running fine and there is no performance loss. The vessel view shows a huge increase in GPH and Load when the error occurs and then 30 seconds later the code goes away and all numbers match up to the starboard engine. According to fuel gauges, there is no difference in fuel burn. I did a 6 hour round trip this weekend and both gauges show the same fuel level. I do have to run the port engine at about 60 RPM lower than starboard in order to match up load and fuel burn when running. Any suggestions?? Thanks.
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    GPH and Load as well as fuel demand are calculated values based upon RPM, Throttle Position, Intake Air Pressure, and others.
    It sounds to me like an electrical connector issue; at least a point to start from. Other than that a sensor is acting up....
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