prop speed vs bottom paint on pods

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by john z, Mar 7, 2021.

  1. john z

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    Mar 6, 2021
    2015 sea ray 510 sundancer
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    what are the advantages of going to prop speed over just bottom paint on pods?as new application would involve stripping pods down to bare metal vs just a recoat of bottom paint.
  2. Henry Boyd

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    First, you have to clarify what you mean by “just bottom paint”, bottom paint for fiberglass is different from bottom paint for metals. This is not just about adhesion, but also protection of the metal. Fiberglass bottom paint can actually accelerate metal corrosion when placed in contact with the metals used to construct pods and sterndrives.

    Second, you have to clarify what you hope to achieve. Coating for corrosion protection calls for one type of paint. Coating for growth prevention is another. Coating for both may require a third process.

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