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  • Off the top of your head do you remember the thickness of the wood you used? The step appears to be about an inch inset, so I was thinking 1/2" thick slats?
    Love the flooring work you did on your boat. By chance did you make the teak companion way insert and if so do you have a pattern?
    Very nice job...enjoyed and got some great ideas from your pics...can you give some tips on the flooring job...what you used etc. How about the steering wheel its awesome. We have only had ours less than a week and I'm ready to start some projects...thanks for your help!
    Enjoyed checking out your rerstoration project, that was a lot of work. I'm about to do my 207 Monaco which should be fun.
    88dancer nice job on the boat, wife and I did all the uplostery last winter big job I like the ladder on your swim platform. we keep it @ marina bay
    Congrats on the boat and finding a good one! Glad you are enjoying the boat and the website! I'm currently working in NJ and hoping to get home Washington in late May so I can start polishing and preparing for the season! It's KILLING me right now! I want to start replacing impellars and waxing, but it's a little too early. It's going to be a big rush when it finally happens! So if you need help waxing or something I need to get in shape! LOL!!!
    Nice Restoration project. I am about to rebuild the upholstery in my 88 300DA as well. You did a great job!!
    I am a little partial to the color combinatin too. 3rd boat in a row in this color and 2nd Sea Ray. Also In partnership w/ 2 other guys on a 97 18' Maxum in you guessed it, maroon! Ahppen to dorive a mroon Eddie Bauer Expedition My wife said this is the last maroon boat , car or any vehicle. Funny thing is, none of it was on purpose, it just happened that way!
    Congrats on an awesome restoration! That's a great swim platform...the steering wheel is a nice touch. A fine testament to Sea Ray!
    Man 88 Dancer....great great work on that beauty! The late 80's Sea Ray's are the most beautiful designed boats ever made. You made this one twice as nice. Love love love the platform. Perfect name for that boat as well with the work you have done. Hope my 350 turns out just as nice. Again great work!
    Good morning 88 Dancer. Just looked at your album. Fantastic restoration! I have an 87 300 weekender in the same colors. Bought from 2nd owner in Nashville. 1st owner had it 19 years and would not let anyone use the head! We were the first family to sleep aboard and it had never been in anything but a covered slip since new. Anyway, wanted to congratulate you on a great restoration and a gorgeous boat!
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