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  • Hi Mike
    I was just looking at your shots and WOW what a superflash job with the FWC system!! I recently replaced the thermostat and used a borescope to check some waterpassages and discovered what 17 years of salt water can do to engine internals. Anyhow, I'd like to know how the dasch fascia seperates from the dash.
    Thanks Darylle
    I've got an email from admin that you sent me a PM but I couldn't got it bc my inbox was full.
    Now it's available.
    Seasons greetings, I was wondering what your movementds are during the festive season so we might have a catchup. We are headed to Havelock on the 27th Dec and will work our way round to QS Sound over a couple of days to a mooring we have off Anakiwa. New year in the area and goofing around until the 10th or 12th. Look forward to a yarn. Cheers Steve

    Thanks for visiting my page, I am in my late 30's, am married with 2 kids, 4 & 5 years old.
    I grew up with boats, my parents always having holidays in the Marlborough sounds with another family with similar aged kids. They were happy times.
    I developed a keen mechanical interest in boats which led me to become an Aircraft engineer followed by a break of 3 years where I worked as a Marine engineer.
    My previous boat was a 2050 Bayliner which I shoe horned a Volvo 200hp duo prop into.
    I purchased Annie in 2010 and quickly found out just about everything bar the engine required major attention.
    I am happy to say I have it up to standard now. My family and I love getting away for extended breaks. It is my happy place and keeps me going when things get tough.

    Look forward to chatting
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