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  • Hi Dave.

    Running wires seems hard at first glance but is relatively easy. I would start by finding the paths the manufacture has taken to run wires to familiarize yourself with your current layout. You will likely have to add and subtract some of the runs as you will be adding an outboard amplifier. In the end running the wires is easy with correct tools. You may have to pick up a wire fish. They are sold at electronics arts houses and home depot/lowes. And to answer your specific question . . . .yes . . . you may have to run speaker cables around. It is usually the only way to get wire to opposite sides in boats.

    Speaker cut outs are typically made with a hole saw up to 6" diameter. Jig saw for larger holes. If those tools can't work for you ask more questions here.

    Good luck to you. Take your time. Do plenty of research. Ask lots of questions.
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