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  • John,
    Hi, how are things, hope you survived the winter. Brutal up here, good for business though. I was checking prices on Yatchworld, thinking of changing boats, noticed GT was listed. Like all the improvements you made, looks great. Best of luck on the sale. We are thinking of going to an express, Deb's broken leg never healed right and all the steps wear her out. Will be working on the Lady this season to sale also, love the boat & she treated well so far.
    Wish you well and hope all goes well, maybe see you this summer or at Baltimore in September?
    hey there John, How are yeah, I'm trying to get to you but cannot send PM your box is full, which is so many times a big issue......hahahaha, Would love to talk to you about my MANS Engines...
    I haven't had any problem or any regrets with going new bright white. I had the original 2001 Tan color on her when I got her and it looked dingy and old. A boat beside my in Ft Lauderdale had all new white put on her and it look so much cleaner, bright and newer with the white vs the tan his boat had originally so i went white as well and love it. Quite a bit cooler during the hot summer days as well.

    Sorry I didn't repond sooner but I just stumbled on to the message.
    John I was told you have white canvas on your boat I have a question how hard is it to keep clean I am replacing my canvas and the teal color that is on the boat now is not made anymore I was thinking of going with black but everyone is saying it will be two hot Thanks for you time Mike
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