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  • Hi, I just replied to your post on the SR smartcraft gauges, wondering if you still have them. Thanks in advance sir.
    bạn tên mô vậy ?, Mình tên là làn phương, mình quê ở bắc ninh, hiện mình đang sống ở quảng bình hiện tại mình22 thuốc làm đẹp da kem duong lam trang da trị nám tự nhiên 071398670
    I just replied to your post. Best thing to do is just either Subscribe to your own thread in "Thread Tools" on the orange bar within the thread or keep checking back. I normally click "New Posts 24 hours" in the blue bar. That will show recent threads.
    Hi Jason , I am new to this site also. I not sure how to find replies to my postings so please bear with me. Is there someweay I can flush out any impellor pieces that may have worked their way to the watersensor? Thanks GCM
    Hi Jason, I'm somewhat new to the site. I have a fer questions - my seawater temp shows off quite a bit is this the transducer problem thats being discussed ? also my bilge lights , V-Birth starbord light quit working and I have the upgraded stereo system for which it quit working (up above only -cabin works ) any thoughts----I've checked the circuit breakers that I'm aware of.
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