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Mar 25, 2023 at 11:06 PM
    1. atrick
      I talked to you before my name is Rick, wonder if you could tell me if these part numbers are good and if so if you could get the parts, #964924 ice maker, #840256 and # 840249 port and starboard rub rail end pieces. Thank You
    2. atrick
      My name is Rick and I got parts from you before and wonder if you can help me again. Boat I'm working with now is a 1998 400 Sedan Bridge and there is a rub rail around the swim platform and it ends with a end piece on the main hull on both sides. I need both end pieces on both sides. My phone # is 412-389-3200 if you need to get ahold of me or email Thank You in advance!!
    3. Kevin K Irish
      Kevin K Irish
      Hello! Got any ideas on why both of my hurth trannies would start leaking intermittently after maintenance fluid/filter change? Didnt leak fir two seasons and only a lil bit. Both have 1030 well maintained hours. The leaks seem to come from the vents in too/front….and WHY they would both go at same time? Cooling hoses seem clean (i wiped em down and at couplings…no fluid.
    4. NickB
      Hi - My name is Nick
      I'm interested in by-passing my port side switch pads EIM. The panel died and I cannot get into my engine compartment. I thought I would just put a switch on it with a fuse and tuck it into that compartment under the helm. First question is do i need power or do I just need to complete the circuit? I happen to have power right in the area as I ran a solar panel.
    5. Al D.
      Al D.
      Hello Lazy Daze. My name is Al also a member from South eastern PA. If you can reach out to me to help me figure out to contact the experts regarding a few issues I may have on my Sea ray 270 Amberjack. My email is ( ) Thanks for any help you can provide.
    6. Jaydelski
      While connected to shore power, should EVERY switch on the circuit panel be in the OFF positions to assure proper battery charring is taking place on the 2013 Searay 240 Sundancer?

      Or should I have the "shore power" and "battery charging" switched to the ON position?
    7. 340DA
      Hi Lazy Daze, When you get a chance, I just sent you a question about some problems I am having.

    8. brewster16
      Dennis I just posted the question in the "Northeast" section but then I thought of you...Can you advise me on where I should go to get a professional rigging job to splice my anchor and new anchor line?
    9. brewster16
      Dennis I just posted the question in the "Northeast" section but then I thought of you...Can you advise me on where I should go to get a professional rigging job to splice my anchor and new anchor line?
    10. NewfoundlandRoots
      I have a Loose throttle cable and no tension mystery - can you offer advice?
    11. Captaindon
      The ProPilot joystick rotates the boat with the thrusters and engines engaged. The thrusters do not engage when attempting to move my boat to either side. When pressing on the thruster button to engage bow or stern thruster only, not the joystick or engine combo, nothing. Batteries are fully charged? It's a Glendinning with a 2 button keypad.
      Hello. I am in search of vinyl seat replacement for a 2006 Searay Sundeck that has been discontinued by Searay. Would you happen to know or have any recommendations on who might have some or a match for that same color? Thank you.
    13. Jake20@sea
      Just installed a tower on my sea ray and it has a light on top does that count working while traveling at night with it or do I have to put on the standard light on the stern along with the top light ?
      Does anyone know where to buy a table for my cockpit that isn't flush with the floor for my sea ray 390 MY?
    15. Susan Rivera
      Susan Rivera
      Hello. I have an oil leak in my 2008 Sea RAy Sundancer. Leaking into bilge area. Any suggestions?
    16. Ronnie Thomas
      Ronnie Thomas
      I've lost power to my bilge pump located midship in the galley. Its a rule pump..and the original wiring diagram from rule shows an inline fuse between the battery and the red light indicator at the helm..I cannot find it anywhere..anyone know?
    17. boater56
      What should the oil pressure be on a 240 Sundeck with a 5.0 Bravo II (OW344212) at idle, showing about 30# but at almost 4000 rpm, showing almost 60# with a newer filter and oil change (quicksilver filter)
    18. MNBoatMan
      Do you remember where you found the adjustable wiper arms that you were selling in 2009? I am looking for arms that are 3" longer than what came on my 2004 Sea Ray Sundancer.
    19. Bryan Lanietti
      Bryan Lanietti
      Hello Lazy Daze.
      I am new here and see you seem to top the chart with the most messages.
      Could you help me with a question?
      I have a 1990 270 da and see the 1992 290 da is pretty much the same boat.
      The carpet for my cockpit fits good when I purchased 1992 290 da from matworks since they did not go back to 1990.
      Will canvas (bimini and camper) for a 1992-1993 290 da also fit my 1990 270 da with arch?
      Thank you,
    20. Timothy Flynn
      Timothy Flynn
      Lazy Daze-
      Is there a video/instructions for installing thru hull pickup/sea strainer to water pump (with block plate on transom) you have recommended in your responses for blocked intake hose (IE-Bravo-itis)
      appreciate any assistance-and thanks-Tim
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