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  • Vin,

    Sorry for the delay in response, I just found your message. I LOVE the Awlgrip paint. I had a shop in Virginia do the work, so I can't speak about prep work, But I can tell you the boat was transported 1100 miles by truck when we moved to Wisconsin without a scratch. It is a very deep looking paint with beautiful shine. Maintenance is a breeze. I wash her a couple times a year. Since we are on lake Michigan now, I have to use fenders on 1 side of the boat for berthing in the slip, and have no wear at all. It was painted 3 years ago.
    I was refered to you by Woody as I posted requesting some info. on Club Sea Ray on getting my 23 ft. SR cuddy cabin painted . I am just about finished restoring her. Woody mentioned that you just had yours painted using Awlgrip was wondering if you were satisfied with that paint. My hull is in pretty good shape very little fiberglass work not much, and I was wondering if I could do some of the prep work myself. Any info. would be greatly appreciated. I am going to winter down in Lake Havasu Az. I live in Lewiston Id. The biggest city to me is Spokane Wa. so I am going to take my boat down to Az finish up restoration and possibly paint.



    Hi Mike, I didn't see your message. It's better to use PM or email.

    The flipdown aft TV was already on the boat when I got it. I dont think it's pre-wired as there're "signs" of aftermarket installation.
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