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    Which switch is which?

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    Which switch is which?

    Almost finished getting my 95 Bowrider ready for weekly and daily use. I have checked all the gages and all seem to work (not sure about accuracy but that’s another story) except the trim gauge jumps around a bit. What I really need is info on exactly which toggle switch controls what; the first...
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    Marine Vinyl Cleaner?

    My exact go to’s!! StarBrite works well and finish it with 303
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    Anode Count

    How many anode’s are there on a 1995 175 3.0 to replace? I know the obvious ones but I saw a YouTube video that showed them all over the stern drive. Also is there a kit I can purchase that has them all or do I buy them individually? Thanks!
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    VHF antenna

    Thanks for all the good info and diverse opinions. I think I will go with the Standard Horizon 890 with DSC and GPS capability. I really don’t venture very far from land TBH and the less electronics wired into my 175 the better.
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    VHF antenna

    Great info! Thanks
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    VHF antenna

    What kind of range can you expect using one of the hand held models? I’ve seen a few on line and they certainly win the no brained award for ease of use.
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    VHF antenna

    Did you mount your antenna there by choice or was there an existing SS fitting there? I have a 175 and in that exact area I have a fitting like an antenna would go in. Did Sea Ray equip the boats this way without an actual antenna? I’m going down to Florida this summer and cruising on the ICW...
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    Bow & Stern Covers?

    Brand new SeaRay guy here! Being a sailor first and a motor yacht guy second got to say this is a primo site that appears to load quickly and easy (kind of) to navigate around. Just bought a new/old 1995 175 I/O. Think it’s a Sport but not sure how to tell-it is getting a final once over at...