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  • A post from over 1 year ago mentioned that you may have a SmartCraft VesselView Adapter Harness P/N: 4993480.
    I'm trying to replace my DieselView with an old style VesselView 1.5; apparently I need this adaptor to use my original DV harness. Any thoughts?
    Villain style - this message regarding your July 16, 2018 post regarding fridge replacement. I am looking to replace galley fridge (coolmatic RSD - 115) and freezer (also coolmatic, but label is worn so can't determine model). Also have a 2006 44 Sundancer, so thought I would reach out for any suggestions. Thanks, Frank
    Yo, Villain Style, nice boat. Sorry to be a pita, but I had asked about a bilge light a while back and was not sure where to look. If I read you right, yours is in the aft starboard corner on the transom, right? If you are ever down there, a picture would be worth a twelve pack or gift card. Thanks, Dan
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