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  • Hey ZZ13... I am not able to PM you but would really enjoy having that collection of files you offered dealing with you previous 2004 300DA. How can I get the data? Email limits might be an issue. Overheated@gmail.com
    Hi, I saw your post from a long time ago about a place in Florida that rebuilt your turbos. You don't happen to remember the name of the shop do you? Thank you.
    I’m curious how you removed the hose under the impeller housing on your 400? I can’t get it off and need to find that darn impeller key.
    Thank you so much. My address is Randy Scott, 3237 Cove Ln., Louisville TN. 37777 Let me know how much shipping costs so I can pay you. Thank you so much !! GO VOLS
    Hi Bill, we purchased a 2004 420 with the 6CTA engines in Sept and I have been slowly getting thru the 420/44 thread. Saw your post regarding your maintenance schedule - would you be willing to share a copy? my email is tomcwl118@gmail.com
    I just saw your note. I'll be glad to send it.

    You had some problem with Guest spotlight. Can you share the material what you got from the manufacture. Pictures and part list . I think I have similar problems. email is aplahtinen@gmail.com

    Hi Bill, Your maintenance schedule would be a great help. email it to: anaglas0315@gmail.com
    Are you still hunting someone to fix your panels? Look up Signature Canvas in Hampton VA. They just did some work for us, two panels completely redone, two panels where the glass was replaced (those went all the way to the edge), all new snaps, all new zippers. Plus changes to my rear canvas. They did a great job and I would recommend calling them
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