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Dec 18, 2013
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We have our eye on the 2012-2016 410 Sundancer. The reason we've zero'ed in on this model is because it's the smallest size Sundancer that has the full glass enclosure, which is an absolute must for me. I really hated the canvas on our previous boat. I never really had it up, other than to keep the dew out when we would spend nights at marinas. I hated not having the windshield on long trips. I felt really beat up and tired after running on plane for anything longer than 30 min.

We've considered maybe going up to the 450 models, but what scares us is the moorage costs and availability, as well as the extra fuel on a larger vessel.

With that being said, I'm surprised that I haven't really been successful in finding much info on this model on CSR. I know there is the Official 410 / 400 thread that's really long, but from partial reading I've done on it, I get the feeling it is for older model years.

Are there any 2012-2016 MY 410 owners out there that could give me some feedback on this model? I'd love to hear what you love and what you hate about it.

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Hi DieselDogg,

I have owned a 2013 410 w/Cummins 380's for the past two years. We love the look of the boat and it is very solidly built. Cummins/Zeus have been great and we get about 30 gph cruising around 25 mph. The sport coupe aspect is what attracted us and other than being a bit warm in the summer (we use a fan rather than cockpit AC) it makes for a comfortable ride. Salon is ample and two heads are better than one... Very comfortable cruiser for a couple. We like to take 3-7 day trips.

Only had minor problems with leaks around windshield base where caulking has dried out in FL sun. It does have a smaller swim platform and the aft sunpad extends over it, so we had to put a smaller dingy on board than we wanted.

Anything else you want to know feel free to write.
Ray, thanks for the info! We are also considering a 48DA from 2007+ years now. From what I've researched, it seems that the 48 will burn a lot more fuel at 42-43 gph doing 23 knots or so. It's interesting that the price point is roughly the same for the newer 410 and older 48. Both are some of the best looking boats ever made imo. Decisions, decisions...

I'm glad there is at least one 410 owner on here. I will probably have more questions for you Ray, as our search continues.
The 480 will give you much more room and will handle larger seas. It’s one of my favorite models Sea Ray ever made!
I'm eyeing up this model as well -- it is a great looking boat, and the layout is savvy.

Honestly, I don't think fuel consumption between the 410 and 450 will be noticeably different. Mooring and storage costs, where the provider can multiply by 45 instead of 41, most certainly will be higher.

Production for these models were short-lived so there aren't that many around (unlike the '97-'02 and then the next generation vintages).
I continue to look more closely at this model -- does anybody here have one with the QSB 425 V-drives?

I've searched the Internet high and low to try and uncover real world performance figures, but they seem to be only available on the Cummins 380 + Zeus pods.

I'm struggling as to whether I consider this boat with:
  • V-drives (better reliability, lower maintenance costs)
  • Zeus (effortless to control, skyhook, better fuel economy and performance, more attractive when it comes time to sell?)
I grew up driving a 90s-vintage 500DA *without* a bow thruster...imagine the horror! So I'm not so concerned about having a joystick-less boat for me, but at some point I will have to sell the boat, and it's always nice to go to market with the right options.

(My current boat has joystick piloting, and while I'm proud of my old school captaining skills, I must admit it's a wonderful technology.)

I guess most important, though, is the performance differential between pods and shafts. I've seen comparisons where the MPG difference can be as much as .4-.5, which is significant. That reduces range, chews up more fuel, and can also mean a few MPHs lost.
Any updates on this? I'm looking at 2012-2016 410's and would love input.

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