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Sep 19, 2023
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1987 Sea Ray Amberjack
3.7 litre Mercruiser 470
Greetings to all, and thank you for having me.

I recently took on a project and a half, buying a severly neglected 1987 Sea Ray Amberjack. I've been around boating for a while and hope to put her on the water again.
She's been sitting in a storage yard for quite some time, open to the elements. I hope these boats can handle lots of water, moisture and all the temperatures mother nature can toss at her.
I saw the "for sale" listing with her sitting on a steel tripple axle trailer; which is what I was actually after for another boat. For what I paid for the combo, I consider the boat disposable. But, if it not too badly rotted; I will move forward. If not, I'll give her my final salute.
Just getting her home took alot of work. Having to repack and replace bearings, master and wheel cylinders and a couple tires before towing the rig an hour to her current resting spot at my home. The trailer was just as neglected as the boat, but I'm hoping that if the trailer has a chance; maybe she will make it outside the breakwall once again.

Best Regards, to all... Silent_HAL
Good lucK!
Hello Hal- We dock in McKinley marina MKE until noon tomorrow that is. Advice- One quick test to establish how best to proceed should be the use of a moisture meter before the freeze. Some old guys ( Myself Included ) can tap the surface with a ball peen hammer for sounds / Bounce back. Still best is moisture meter. #1 Check transom. These boats had plywood cores famous rot. #2 Stringers plywood capped w/ glass can be a nightmare. Your on a great site feel free to ask away. Mike

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