Bennett OBI9000H all in one indicator failure

Bill Curtis

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Mar 24, 2022
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454 Mag Bravo3. 2.0:1 ratio gears w/ 28 pitch props
Any one else have a Bennett OBI9000H that has failed?

I installed one last year in my Ray and right from the get it was acting odd. Contacted Bennett and the so called "tech service" guy completely ignored the symptoms I presented and got more interested and focused on the placement of the tabs. Tabs physical placement of the tabs has absolutely ZERO to do with the electronics of the indicator freaking out.

Was a total waste of my time and they never once suggested I return it for evaluation and / or possible replacement of the brand new unit. The assist call was a total JOKE. They stated it will not be replaced under warranty unless it was dead or completely non-funtional..

Now the indicator has completely left the building. Can still raise, lower tabs, but have blank indicators. Totally useless for what it was designed for.

Hopefully they will replace it now, that it finally gave up the ghost, The indicator has a 3 year warranty, so it stated on the website

Sorry for the rant, just needed to vent.

If they won't honor it, maybe it's time to switch to Lenco, but I like hydraulic instead of electric when everything is submerged.

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