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May 28, 2022
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2003 Sea Ray 450 Express Bridge
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Good Morning Everyone,

Looking to replace interior carpeting with wood flooring! Old carpet has funky smell! Looking for flooring recommendations, carpet removal tools and tips, and installation tips and lessons learned. How was the transition managed at steps/deck level height changes. I would prefer NOT to use LVP.

Just do a search for "Flooring" Lot's of good info to be found. Nothing can be added to this thread that hasn't already been covered.
If you are a carpet kind of guy, replace the carpet. Most threads here revolve around transitioning to something else. Hundreds of reasons. Carpet hides a multitude of sins, so rip, inspect, and then make a plan.
Search this forum. You will find all of our collective thoughts about our own experiences. That's what the forum is for.
@Strecker25 amazing job! Thanks for sharing!! How long total to execute this install?

I did it in many 2-3 hour stints so there’s some setup/cleanup time. I’d say 20-25 hours of actual labor time in the floor and another 10 hours in the trim (hand miters take time!)

It was also around 20* inside the boat for most of my on-site time so I wasn’t exactly working quickly
@Strecker25 Awesome job on your flooring! I do wonder how you secured your popout flooring together? Did you use a backing board or did the flooring interlock hold them together?

@Strecker25 Awesome job on your flooring! I do wonder how you secured your popout flooring together? Did you use a backing board or did the flooring interlock hold them together?


no glue on the floor, the entire thing floats and is cut tight to the edges so it doesn’t move. I did that intentionally so I could replace a board if ever needed

the hatches had to be built up with 3/4” plywood cut to a larger size to make up for the carpet that filled the gap. I screwed the plywood to the original then secured the final hatch flooring using the screws from the pulls. That makes it easy to repair the edging or boards on the hatches if there is ever any damage
Plasteak makes a Vinyl sheet product the is bullet proof . It's a solid flooring not a laminate .


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One of the big reasons I went with PlasTeak is they are local for me was able to go their shop/office and talk to them. It was a job because my boats 2 hrs. away I had one of their installer do the job. The owner and inventor is a Lake Erie boater.
Switching from carpet to wood flooring is a great choice! For recommendations, durable hardwood like oak or maple adds warmth. Carpet removal? A good utility knife and knee kicker help. Tips: prep the subfloor well for a smooth installation. As for height changes, transitions are key – use T-moldings for a seamless look. Oh, and have you checked for stylish wall solutions? They might offer a perfect complement to your new floors, blending aesthetics and durability seamlessly.
Just finished up my project using nautikflor. I'm not 100% happy with the hatch, but easy enough to take home and work on it. I lucked out on the leveling. The floor was flat enough such that I needed only to scrape off the glue. I used poster-board to make the template, and just took it home in sections to cut out in my garage.


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