Issues with Windows 8 and VB?


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Feb 6, 2015
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I have a weird issue when trying to use this forum on my Surface Pro 3. While typing (on either the soft keyboard or using a keyboard attachment) the letters I type are slow to appear on the screen and around 25% of the characters I type don't make it into the text box on the forum (therefore, all of my posts come from my phone or my work laptop).

I'm not sure if this is a Surface, Windows 8 or VB issue (I suspect VB since I don't have this problem anywhere else, but I could be wrong). Has anyone experienced the same problem and come up with a fix?
I have a Surface Pro 2 and have had the issue. A hard reboot seems to cure it as well as not typing on my lap - use a hard surface for the keyboard...
Thanks; I will try the hard reboot to see fi that solves it. It is definitely a software issue as opposed to a physical issue (like not pressing the keys hard enough).
Hey I think the hard reboot worked! Thank you for the advice. I've rebooted a dozen times but it wasn't until the hard reboot that it works correctly. :)

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