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May 9, 2023
Lake Keowee, SC
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2004 280 Sundancer
Twin 4.3
Good morning all. New '04 280 DA owner here. I'm a decently experienced boater but first time boat owner and slightly overwhelmed with all of the systems and sheer size of the boat. Is there anyone at Lake Keowee who'd be willing to give a fellow SR owner a little bit of help getting to know the boat? Thanks in advance!
Hopefully someone on the lake will respond.
I’m three hours from you in Rock Hill.
I could come over for a day if not.
Welcome to the group! I too am a bit of a hike from you. Check with the marinas around you there should be some with certified captains. There will be a cost, I hired mine for $200 for two hours back in ‘ 21because my 290 is the biggest boat I’ve owned. Best money I ever spent. If you’re in a marina just go make friends with your dock mates…guaranteed someone will ride with you. My .02
Oh yes, pictures please! :)
Thanks Patrick
Thanks Jon.
Great advice. I'll certainly do that.
I'll get some pictures up. Need to take some. We just got the boat about 3 weeks ago. Lots of cleaning and learning!
What's the phrase?
Don't go faster than the speed that you're willing to hit something.
I'm fine out on the lake just the near dock, anxiety is there. And the vagueness of boat steering combined with the imprecise SR twin throttles just complicates things.
The "go slow" advice comes with one caveat: you must have momentum sufficient to overcome wind and it's a balancing act. When docking, have a "safe space" you can retreat the boat to if first attempt goes bad. Don't force a bad angle or approach to the dock, it's okay to abort and regroup for a fresh approach.
Lake Keowee is a beautiful lake. Back in my college days I taught water skiing at a summer camp a few summers. The camp owned a lot in Turtle Head (north of hwy 11), it was just being developed, they had a dock that we used as base camp. I basically spent 5 days/week on a Ski Nautique teaching kids to water ski! Oh what a time.
Like others have said, do some asking around, paying a professional captain to spend a day with you is definitely worth it. When I bought my 290 years ago, it was the biggest boat I had ever operated - any while I had run the ski boats around for years, I just didn't know what I didn't know - the SeaRay dealer provided a delivery captain for a day and it was well worth it.

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