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Aug 16, 2009
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2007 Sundancer 48
Cummins 540
Looking to buy a 2nd hand 580 Sundancer.

there are generally 2 engine configurations, the 800 hp or 900 hp options.

anyone heard good/ not so good views about either option in terms of performance, running costs etc.


Richard, I don't know about the differences between the two, but, unless you've already considered it, just moving to Mans would generally incur a significant amount of expected maintenance expense in the US compred with other engine manufacturers. I do have a couple of friends with Mans and they have something of a hard time just finding maintainers and when they do, the rates they command are very high compared to the Cummins you are used to. Spare parts seem to always need to come from overseas and the simplest circuit board costs well over $1000 US. I understand that periodic maintenance, I think for 3 years or 1000 hours costs well over $10KUS per engine. So, might want to make sure you are prepared for the costs up front. I think it would be useful to find a Man technician in your area and talk to them about the costs. If you do go that direction you are going to want to have a technician you can call on when needed anyway.
Richard, I did a sea trial a few yrs. ago on a new 55DA w/900s. It performed well, " but if I was to order one " , I was told that the 800s were a bit shy on power for that hull. Instead, I ordered the 60DA which only comes w 1100 MANs ,which performs very well.They require putting some " green" out every two yrs per maintenance schedule. They are quiet,smooth and light weight compared to others on the market.Al's point is valid....MAN techs are spread out in some areas.....
Since the 580DA only comes with MAN engines, what is your suggestion?

The 800hp engines are inline 6 cylinder common rail diesels, the 900hp are v-8 common rail and the 1100 hp ones are v-10 common rail engines. For the most part, MAN's are nearly bullet proof and pretty much run trouble free, if you service them. The only knock I really have is that MAN service can be spotty in the US. When you need service, it isn't a reasonable plan if the nearest factory MAN technician is 300 miles away, or is so booked up that he can't get to you for 3 months. One other thing new boat owners need to be aware of is that the initial factory service on new engines is roughly $20K.......but it includes everything you can possible think of to keep your engines running well. If you are a used boat buyer, then you just need to be sure that the original owner had that service done......if you are a new boat buyer, then you are spending $2.0mil+ on the boat and a $20,000 service bill shouldn't be a problem.

I have had the fun of running 4 different 580DA's since 2009. My favorite was one had v-10 1100 hp MAN's. What a performer! I think that if you run a 10 cylinder 1100 hp or even the 900 hp one, you will opt for the more powerful engines.
My buddy bought a 2002 Post 56 with MANs and I personally witnessed him writing 22k check for full factory service in Ft. Lauderdale.... We ran the boat up the coast to NJ and the MANs were clean, smooth, quiet, and powerfull. Service availability has not been an issue either in FL or NJ, but everything does cost a little more. As others said, local service availability is the key.
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I have the MAN 900 CRMs in my 58DB and really love them. They have not been without problems in the 6 years I have owned them (since new) but the costs are nowhere near what was quoted. Granted I only have a bit over 500 hours on them in 6 seasons, but I have only spend $20,000 in total over those 6 years and have had MAN guys do all the recommended maintenance. This does not include oil changes and such that I do myself. I don't know who is paying $20,000 for "initial factory service", but there is no such thing for the common rail engines. maybe this only applies to the older 800s.

That being said, good MAN mechanics are few and far between in the Northeast US. My guy has a 3 hour round-trip to get to my boat which hurts in the wallet, but he's good. Hopefully the coverage is better in Syndey.
We have the slightly older 6 cylinder MAN 730s. Have had the boat for twelve months now and are really happy with them. We use a Sydney based authorised MAN dealer for service so let me know if you want contacts. My main recommendation would be making sure the boat you buy has had all servicing completed by the book - apparently a lot of owners extend the time between "salt water services" to save a few $s.


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