New to me 1998 215 Express Cruiser


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Aug 25, 2022
Lorain, Ohio
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5.7 So far so good.
Thnx v m. Learning all about her a little at a time. Just replaced volt gauge- want to replace fuel filter soon then an oil and filter change - looks a little challenging as I have not messed around with a mercruiser before but have worked on auto V8s over the yrs. We shall see.
Oil change is super easy if you suck it out the dipstick. Getting to the oil filter may be tough if a remote oil filter is not installed. That’s something that can be added though.

However you proceed just be sure to use marine grade parts as well as the proper oil. 25w40 is what is recommended.
Yea thanks. My oil filter is up front on port side up high. Must be remote type? Looks easy. Gas filter/water separator is low on front starboard side and might be ‘interesting’…looks like a plastic cover over it idk.
You must have the cool fuel system if it is not a spin off filter can. There have been issues with the earlier ones that are well documented. Do a search for cool fuel and there will be hundreds of threads.
I own a 215EC with the 305. Bought it new in '01. It has served me very well. I have the same oil and fuel setup aside from the cool fuel. Oil filter change can be messy. Buy a rag in a box and you'll be fine. I've used about every oil change system. None stand out as great. I've stuck with the cylindrical manual fluid extractor since I can use it for other applications. I do all my winterization and you can too. Run it to warm, change the oil, outdrive fluid, filters, drain the water (4-5 plugs, 5 if you have a newer front hose), pour about 2 gallons of antifreeze down the four hoses, drain the water tank and add a little antifreeze and you are good!
Thanks for all that. Will give it a go next month. I found the hatch supports are connected with rivets so I decided to wd 40 them Good and cranked with pliers and they loosened up enough to be ok. I did break an ear off one of the knobs so I ordered one of those. They are Taylor made 20” hatch parts and if you Google that you will find suppliers.
I’ve only found 3 plugs to drain so far. One on each of the risers and another was lower on starboard side near a sensor. What am I missing?
Block drain on both sides, fuel cooler and sometimes on the large house to the t-stat housing
So block and risers on each side and the the one near what must be temp sensor and that must be all for this engine. Thanks guys.
Should be one on the port side as well. My drain plugs all have O-rings. Clean yours up a bit and get new ones if the are brittle. Add O-rings as well.
Should be one on the port side as well. My drain plugs all have O-rings. Clean yours up a bit and get new ones if the are brittle. Add O-rings as well.
Yea well there were remnants of o rings sir. Yep they do use o rings. Yes I bought a set of new plugs. So pissed I have not yet traced source (s) of water intrusion. Had hopes it was just a bad block drain plug.
  1. My service guy just pumps in the pink and all the water out. Does not open the plugs or open any hoses. That sort of leaves them to rot and never get looked at or replaced. So…. That’s that

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