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I was browsing forums, and saw a headline about the "infamous transmission chatter!", and that is something that I've knowingly overlooked since we purchased our boat.

Since day 1 and over the last three years we've owned it, at idle speed there is a distinct chatter in the drivetrain, just until I accelerate maybe another 100-200 RPM or so, and then it goes away. Seems to be mostly on the starboard side.

I've never worried much about it, as there's never been a performance issue. Does anyone else experience this? As always, thanks for your input.
Thats interesting. We bought ours last July 2023. I was in kind of a panic after buying it. The helm seat seems very uncomfortable and there was no worthwhile cup holders on the thing. Then I started noticing the chatter in one of the drives. Im thinking Oh crap what did I get into. LOL I talked to a mechanic at the marina that has done work on it and he said it was nothing to worry about. So we are in the middle of building new seats, made cup holders and we are loving the boat. I just hope it's not a case of ignorance being bliss!!! LOL

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