Port fuel tank issue..


Dec 18, 2015
Cyprus - in the Med
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1990 420 Sundancer
CAT 3208 T x2
Hi folks, not sure if anyone is following my blog (Italytocyprus.com), but we are experiencing problems refuelling the port tank. We are refuelling the boat yo capacity every day and the port tank keeps tripping the filler pump.. It's the breather that seems blocked because I've gone to where the fuel tank level sensor is, union a couple of the screws ( which lets air in), the tank breathes and we can fill up without it tripping the pump.
so my question is, where is the breather hose and how can I clean/ clear it out?.. It's a 1991 420 Sundancer
Vents are on each side of the boat, about a third of the way of the length of the boat, from the transom. First, see if you have screens in them. Clean out the screens if they are there. If not, take a piece of wire and fray the end a bit. Feed it through the hole and down into the tank. Insects can build some amazing houses in there. I had a spider completely block mine once. Could not put a drop in the tank. I can see one of the vents in the picture of your boat from your blog. It is almost straight below the last stanchion for your rail. It's a round, silver thing. One on each side. On the starboard side, there are two of them, one for fuel and one for the water tank.
Many thanks for your help guys... I'll give that a go now before we set off. I'll give you an update when we next get wifi
seems my update yesterday didn't get through.. Currently in BAR Marina in Montenegro 45Knot winds, 4-5 meter waves.. nice!
thanks for the advice, managed to clear out whatever it was with a length of electrical mains wire. worked a treat.. the daily fill-up is now a pleasure.. did I really say that?
More excitement today.. man overboard training skills. well actually I fell in off the back of the boat. Laugh? well I did anyway. following the advice of cleaning the vents I though the same issue may apply to the horn / hooter on the boat, more of a meeeeee noise like a small vespa scooter trying to race a bicycles. Anyway found what appeared to be an entire insect colony in there.. now its a proper HOOOOOOOAH!
Anyone experienced issues with their radar klyston (the big bit on top), mine seems to be getting stuck, I'm pretty sure its the brushes on the motor.. I tool off the lid and greased it all but still sticking, then it blow the fuse.

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