Replace or Kill that Darn ACR Remote Controlled Spotlight

I picked up an ACR RCL100 that wasn't working at a swap meet they have at our marina every year for twenty. After opening it up I noticed brushes and slip ring like a DC motor which got the power to the lamps and elevation motor. It was easy to take apart and easy to clean the brushes and slip ring plate. Most likely your issues are the brushes and slip ring plate need cleaning. These pics are the slip ring plate and brush holder/brushes.



I know exactly what you described, Tom. I did clean mine when I had to replace one of the gears. But it was a while back. Perhaps, like you said, it's worth a look again.
I would opt to keep the light…. Simple repair. Try to keep the boat original or upgraded…. Putting a plate over the hole doesn’t help resale as you wonder how many other plates are around
Y'all are beginning to convince me....

I'll likely get it apart and determine the extent of the repair

Where is the best place to access the gears ?

Before getting into the LED upgrade, I'd likely do the factory or other suitable replacement bulbs as a start

Anyone have a source/part No. ?

Its a 1997 45 DA - has the dash panel - no remote


This is where I get the light bulbs, about half the price elsewhere. Shipping was a bit high though at $9. Get four so you have a couple of spares.



Guess I'm committed - (or ought to be )

$80.77 for 4 bulbs and shipping

Next step: take it apart and find the gear(s) and other broken pieces.



Determine the cause of failure and prevent it from happening again.


Well, look what the cat dragged in.........

Does this appear to be applicable to our vintage searchlights?



Yup…that’s it’s. Follow the thread above for some new bulbs, a couple gear motors and a paint job, and you going to be the proud owner of a very new looking and very functional ACR-100 sport light!

I knew we could sucker you into fixing it! :)
Hi All,

I have a ACR RCL-100 success story. Thanks to everyone's input and knowledge along with the pdf I was able to rebuild my spotlight from my 1994 boat. Pictures before & after attached. Luckily both my motors were still functional and I was able to remove, refurbish and re-use them. I was able to source new gears and other components through Amazon. I did go a bit overboard cost wise and had all the pieces media blasted and powder coated but I think the results are worth it. Thanks again for all the knowledge shared by others.

Spotlight Front.jpg
Spotlight STBD.jpg
Can I remove mine, ship it to you, and you rebuild it? And get it back to me within a week?


I'm kidding of course, might be a nice side business for you though.
This is actually on my TO DO list, and I've already bought the bulbs, but way down on the priority side.

Here's the question:

These lights are clearly problematic, and it seems they were not the best design.

The technology is 30 years old.

Once they are "restored" they are no better than they were the day they left the factory, and these problems will likely recur.

I'm wondering if these options, or something similar might be a better choice:

list price $479 including remote. Needs only 12 volts no rewiring required:

Or a step up at $629 list:

Yes, these repairs will extend the life cycle, but do I really want to invest money and time into that which will likely require additional work down the road?

Perhaps this is a way to avoid what could be a continuous repair cycle.

Mine freely spins and is inoperable.

Am I off base ?



Removed the spotlight head and found electrolysis/salt/corrosion had essentially seperated the spotlight head from the stem, rendering a repair/rebuild useless.

I was gifted a brand new LED exact replacement.

It was a perfect plug and play of all components.

I have (I believe but will check) 2 sets of brand new, unused factory replacement light bulbs (cost was as I recall about $70 or so for the 4), dash controller and the box that lives at the anchor locker.

Also available is the non-rebuildable spotlight.

I made CERTAIN that the new light was installed properly.

Will post photos later.



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