Snow again

Meanwhile in Maryland…

HaaaaHaaHa! Sorry.
I’m sorry, I want more snow. Maybe two or three more of these minor 4 to 6” snows would be nice.

I just picked up a new to me New Holland 35D it makes $200 per hour during these storms. It needs just less than 200hrs to pay it off. The last two storms here it worked 26hrs.

It all comes down to money
I get it, my buddy here owns a landscaping company and when it snows and he gets to use his plows, he … wait for it … really cleans up. :cool:
I plowed snow back in the 70's with an F250. It was a side job. Set the alarm for 3 am, look outside and if there was enough snow go plow until 7am. Go home, take a shower and then go to the bank branch I managed. Then plow after the bank closed. It helped pay for my 17' Checkmate back then.
I’ve been doing snow for one community now for about 8 years. Two blowers and a broom were not enough. We had a Cat Skid steer and the tractor, we did 96 driveways and the streets in 11 hours. My fear was I’d get the bigger equipment and it would never snow. Now I’m looking into a push pull snow box for the front end. Funny tho, I always start around 4am and get it done. Then back to the boat for sleep.

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