Stbd rudder post weeping 2009 350/370 Dancer


May 26, 2014
Long Island
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Hello all

Does anyone have suggestions on the best tools to use to loosen the locking nut on the stbd rudder post? It’s really tight. My pipe wrenches that fit the nut are too long. I have a short flange wrench that I can get on the nut however the handle is to short to get any leverage on the nut. The nut is really tight. I’ve seen videos of people banging the nut with a hammer but I gotta believe that’s not a good idea! Any suggestions/ advice appreciated. Boat is in water.

Can you go to harbor freight tools and buy a cheap ranch and just cut it or start with a short one and cut a piece of pipe to the length that you can work with just a suggestion
Thank u Scott
Tried the pipe thing. My wrench kept slipping off the nut. Didn’t want to strip the nut. Need something that grabs better. Did t know if I should try channel locks? Better pipe wrench? Other suggestions?

Try a shorter pipe wrench with an extension pipe on it I don't think they make flare nut wrenches that big
I had a machine shop make me a Crow's foot with a 3/4 inch drive. Then you can use a 3/4 ratchet and extension to snug them up
Thanks guys… got it loose today after a week of liquid wrench. Borrowed a pipe wrench that fit between rudder post and stringer, then a few slight taps with a hammer on the nut to loosen any corrosion. Then got my flat flange wrench on the nut and after popping a few blood vessels, it came loose. Tightened down the packing nut, but it looks like I’ll be re-packing when she goes on the hard as the packing bladder is basically bottomed out. Dripping stopped… for now anyway.
Thanks to all

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