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Sep 1, 2019
Point Edward, Ontario, Canada
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2006 Sea Ray Sundancer 260DA, 6.2 l Mercruiser, 5 kw Koehler generator.
Mercruiser 6.2 l with Bravo II drives
Hi all

I bought a 2006 SeaRay Sundancer 260 DA in the fall and had challenges with the existing trim tab. Over the winter I asked them to install the Bennet ATP controller based on good reviews and videos. The dealership initially tried to talk me out of Bennett but I had already bought it. They worked on it for a long, long time and could not get it resolved. They delivered the boat to my marina with non-functioning tabs and a note saying to do the calibration on pages 20 to 24. I cant even get the tabs to respond or for the calibration to take. I get into the calibration mode but the tabs wont go up and down as they are supposed to and therefore the calibration doesn't work. In the last step when you are supposed to see the actual position of the tabs I get the red flashing lights. The sensors are recognized with green lights on the control unit and steady yellow at the helm. I do get a flashing COMM light on the control unit and don't know if that is good or bad. I sent an email to Bennett and am trying to find an authorized service person near my marina but no luck so far. I have been googling like crazy and found one guy that had same problem but his videos didn't share any solution. Thanks for anything at this point.
Did you get your problem fixed? I am about to upgrade to the ATP controller (this weekend). I ordered the kit on Monday and it should be here Friday and I will use the weekend to install it. (I try to stay away from the boat landing on the weekends). Just wanted to know what to expect when changing over.
Good afternoon
Yes I finally got the ATP controller installed and am very happy with it. The job took longer and cost me more due to some problems with the place doing my install. COVID also played a role but doesnt it do that with everything lately. The install guys had me order the new sensors as the controller needs the right sensors. They told me to order them as their supplier was delayed. Amazon wanted over $100 to ship as they were doing priority items only at the time. I found the sensors in FL and had them shipped but they took a long time due to shipping issues in March and April. When they finally arrived they were installed but would not communicate with the controller. The installer had me order the WRONG sensors and they spent weeks trying to get it to work and finally gave up. I ended up taking the boat somewhere else and they noticed the issue right away. I had to re-order the correct sensors for the ATP. Once the right sensors were installed it synced up perfectly. I am very happy with the unit. The LEDs to indicate position are very helpful. I am able to realize how valuable they are as we are underway I look down at the LEDs and often see them making simple adjustments based on wind, waves or weight distribution. I find I am able to focus on the boat and the scenery more without having to worry about tab positions. Getting up on plane is great. As soon as I hammer the throttle the controller does its job. I also find my boat is less "tippy" as the tabs are continually adjusting and making the ride better. My only caution is to make sure you have the right sensors and do the calibration step by step and you will really enjoy them. Message me back if you have any more questions.
I am starting my install tomorrow. I have a 2005 Amberjack 270 and without tabs it takes a while to get up on plane. My idea of boating is a lot of relaxing as opposed to working the throttle, the trim tabs and motor trim constantly. Every now and then it's ok. I am hoping I got the right parts.
I started my install. I want to have my controller located in the storage area under the helm and not the engine room. So I cut the connect off of the pump and spliced the wires. I removed my old switch and spliced the connector at that end. I had to intall the new sensors on the actuators. The PO apparently had a leak with the port side so he used some type of sealer on the treads. That took a while to get apart and cleaned up. Looks like there was no O ring on that one. Anyway after about 6 hours in the 90 high humidity, I had to call it a day. I will finish tomorrow. I just have to extend the actuator wires, mount the controller and the switch and program. Did your connect to your NMEA2000 network? The only thing the instructions say about is it uses the GPS. I was hoping for more.

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