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  • Hi, I'm looking for some help if anyone can? I have just purchased a Sea Ray 182 and one of the catches on my middle part of the windscreen that folds into the middle section has broken. I have added photos of the ones they are including the a pic of the broken one which is circled. Can you please let me know what the correct name is for it and where I can buy a replacement or a replacement pair?


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    I responded to your post in Egor's Ordering Parts by Parts Number thread.
    Good morning. My wife and I signed up for the July 28th fling and already sent the $75. Can we add people to our boat? Just not sure how all this works. Also we are planning to sleep on our boat but our guest would need rooms. How is that handled? Thanks for your help. Randy
    I noticed you posted about the 2022 Spring Fling. We have signed up for the Abacos. July 7 to 17th. Is this the one you are the lead on?
    Thanks. That is a great recommendation. I never considered a "prototype" type plastic company
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