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  • the boat got a few scratches but its been fixed, my house had 2.5 ft , it has also been fixed , so i guess im doing ok , thanks for asking , hope all is well with you
    my boat is being worked on now it got scratched up a bit but it will live...ill let you know about taking the wheels , asap thanks.... did you get a new boat yet
    Happy holidays hope you made it through the storm unscathed. Well remember you asking about the 4 blade props. Well I was wondering what you outcome was.i lost my boat in the storm and the ins company is picking it up .but I winterized my boat a week before the storm and I removed my drive and its sitting in my basement. If your still interested I'm gunna sell my props 4 blade as 20p. I also have the drive itself if u know anybody interested.
    Chris i didnt forget you , just busy as hell, please pm me you address and i'll get that stuff out to you asap. Sorry for the delay. joe.
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