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  • I just paid for your fine service. The details say a t-shirt is available. I don't want the t-shirt so feel free to keep it or donate to someone else. Thanks
    Hello :) I want to post a question. Can you point me in the right direction?

    I installed transom lights on my 2004 290 BR and right now I have them directly connected to a battery. Where can I tie in so they go off with everything else when I turn boat power off? Thank you.
    Hello, I would like to contribute to the site but don’t do PayPal. Are there other options to pay? Thx
    Hello I am looking for 95 sea ray carburetor, am been searching online but no luck if anyone can help will be appreciate it find it I got some pictures for it
    Not having any response from original poster nor 'Ask Captain', hoping you can help!
    Post #1711 from discussion in 'Sport Yachts/Yachts' that describes, with photos, re-routing galley sink to discharge directly to thru-hull rather than to sump. However, the photo links are dead now, although they worked last year - any chance Admin can recover please?
    Hello Admin - please close my account. I haven't had the boat in a year and would like less presence on the WWW. Thank you.
    Hi Jim,
    When I renewed my Platinum subscription last month, I have yet to receive my XXL shirt & burgee. I am just checking to see if it was ever shipped or still sitting in the Covid backlog.
    Ken Edwards
    2224 Woodburn Road
    Joyceville, Ontario
    K0H 1Y0
    I have yet to hear back from anybody about this. I renewed back in May of this year. Ken
    I have changed my email address from korkie@md.metrocast.net to kjklear1984@gmail.com in the only place i can find. I am still getting notifications on the old address. Is there somewhere else I need to change it? Thanks, Korkie
    Can I sell a boat on Searay for a $25.00 Silver sponsorship or do I need to purchase the $40.00 Classified?"

    Thank You
    Hello Jim,
    Just wondering if I can ask the forum what brand of GPS unit they have resently purchased? As I'm in the market. But I didn't want to post something that was not to be asked.
    Thanks in advance!
    I would like to close my account and delete all my content and photos. Facebook allows this as do other social media sites. How do I do this?
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