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My boat faired very well last year. I came up with a way to cover it and it worked. No animals got in and there was no mold or mildew anywhere. The only problem I had was the strapping broke and I had a big pool of water inside the bow rail. So I doubled up the strapping this year and put a bucket upside down under the strapping, that was the weak point
That's not unique to a cover. A few years ago I had my Sundeck shrink wrapped and the guy who wrapped it didn't put a wood support under the bow section. The strap broke and the bow became a lined swimming pool (but not a drop got through the plastic). Got on the ladder a couple times with the shop vac to empty the pool until it came time to unwrap for spring.

BTW - added Dave to "Ignore" list.
That happened with mine a couple times just push proven get rid of all the water but it stayed dry
Shaps, you're right - I don't "need" the help... but I do appreciate the comment - that was nice to read (along with the other member's comments, as well!) :)

Dave, I really don't know what got you in a tizzy, but sure - you're entitled to your own opinion. You did go overboard, though - considering all the comments I made to help differentiate the models for you guys... but just because I didn't want to spend more time researching exactly when the 215/225 split happened... THAT insignificant thing (with no malice intended) triggered you? If it is THAT important to you, couldn't you do your own homework?

As far as whether or not I have a 215 - that's a moot point. One doesn't need to own a 215 to help. But, in case you didn't read my signature (I use a computer so I can always see signatures... on phones, sometimes you need to turn them sideways)....... can you guess what one of the models that I used to own was? Don't worry... I'll save you the time of looking for it... a 2000 215EC. Don't assume. But again, it really doesn't matter.
Being the perpetual optimist, I will note there was a positive outcome on the back
side of this silliness, in that dxdave upgraded his avatar to something less offensive.
I prefer to opt for the heavy-duty tarps as far as tarping up for the winter months. A little pricey but it's held up 2 years strong so far.
I have an 07 Sundancer 240 . It’s my first winter storing it and I need a boat cover. My mechanic told me to get a 28-30 foot cover. Is this accurate or can i get away with something a little smaller .
Simple answer is yes, he’s right- if talking about a tarp. If you are talking about a fitted cover, it would use boats dimensions as in LOA and beam.

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