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Mar 18, 2023
Northern California
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2002 Sea Ray 17'6" Bow Rider Alpha one
3.0 Alpha one
I just purchased an immaculate 2002 Sea Ray 17'6" Bow Rider. It came with everything except the fuel key. I'm not close to a marine parts store so need to order one on line. I seem to need a key that measures 21mm between the tips and 34mm to the outside of the tips. What I'm fidning on the internet are mostly 24mm by 34 mm. So my question is am I measuring wrong, and does the 24mm by 34 mm key work with the sea ray ?
I think they are generally measured from pin center to pin center.

I think this one would work for you. it measures ~30mm p-p. Your measurements of 21mm between the tips and 34mm to the outside of the tips seems suspect. This would mean the tips themselves are 6.5 mm in diameter which seems huge.
It's just a standard Perko setup. A Perko key will work. If you're having trouble, stop in at your local dealer - they're probably about $4. I have no idea about measurements - I've never had one not fit. Whatever your local store (dealer or otherwise) carries should work.

But you don't need it. That cap unscrews by hand - you probably noticed the knurled edge. But usually you just squish your palm on top and turn. That's it.
Thanks all for your replies.
Dennis, I tried what you mentioned and it didn't work. Maybe a gorilla put this on.

Bobeast, I really thought I measured it correctly, but the wind was blowing and my eyesight isn't what it once was, so I might have misread the tape measure.

SKybolt, I ordered one of those multiple fit keys.

LazyDaze, as I mentioned, there are no marina stores close to me and I'm tied up for a few days and can't drive a couple hours to the nearest marina store. Hopefully what I ordered through Amazon will fit.
Yeah, if it was that tight, someone put it on WAY too tight. Check the condition of the o-ring when you get it off. If you have a large channel lock plier, you could use that - just use a towel. If it's THAT tight... the key may not be of much help... maybe... but there's not a whole lot of leverage there.

Oh right, Stan, you did mention there's no store near you. It's a Perko cap - so a Perko fuel key will definitely fit. I'm sure others will, too. I've just never actually measured one - whatever one I've grabbed over the decades has always seemed to fit right in.
I would use a strap wrench before a channel lock and towel.
Lucky for me I'm flying out for 4 days and the fuel keys that I ordered on Amazon are due to be delivered the day before I get home, so I won't need your suggestion Dennis. I considered using channel locks or a large pipe wrench with a rag, but didn't want to scratch up the chrome cap. But we're thinking along the same lines.

Rich, what kind of racing do you do? I followed Formula 1 closely until Michael Schumacher was injured, and years ago I was on the pit crew for a SuperModified for a few years.
Hopefully the key works for you - use one hand to keep hard downward pressure and a channel lock on the main part of the key if you have to. Also... spray some PB Blaster or silicone up under there.

it's not rocket science - you'll figure it out easy enough.

I did amateur drag racing from 2000-2014. I had a bracket car that went low 9’s back when that was fast. Mostly at tracks in the Northeast. F1 is an entire different game.
I ordered a key before leaving and when I returned it was waiting for me. I had to use vice grips to turn the key. I guess a gorilla was the last to gas up. The previous owner was a young women, but her boyfriend must have been a monster.

I appreciate the suggestion to use some silicone spray.

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